Virus information from a number of sources around the web...
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Virus Warnings & Information Resource Section
Virus Warnings & information from a number of sources around the web...
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The following Anti Virus Companies have free email alerts you can subscribe to...
Symantec (Norton Anti Virus) has an email list to keep you updated on the latest virus threats. McAffee (Anti Virus) has an email list that you can join to be notified whenever a new virus threat is unleashed. Kaspersky (Anti Virus) offers a free email list to keep you up to date on the latest virus threats.
The virus alert emails are quick and free to join... click the following graphics to sign up...

Current McAfee -  AVERT Virus Alerts

Grisoft  - AVG Anti Virus
Authentium Security Threat Analysis & Research (STAR) Portal
    CVC - New and Frequently Reported Viruses
Finjan Software -  Security Lab
Fire Anti-virus Kit - Latest Virus Alerts
F-Secure Anti-Virus
ICSA Labs Anti-Virus
Leprechaun Anti Virus Software
MessageLabs  (ML)
   ML - Latest Virus Threat List
Micro World Technologies
Panda Antivirus Software

Trend Micro - Virus Advisories

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