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   The 9-1-1 site marked it's 14th year anniversary January 6th, 2009. I would like to take a moment to thank all of the visitors and supporters of the 9-1-1.  Who would have ever thought that a single page 14 years ago would have grown to the site you are visiting at this moment. If you wonder why sometimes pieces of the 9-1-1 seem to take a while to get up to speed, the reason is simple, I design and maintain the 9-1-1 by myself. The site has grown to somewhere around 375+ sections with 20,000+ links these days. It takes a lot of work to just maintain what has already been in place, so new sections do take a bit of time to bring onboard. Remember, the 9-1-1 site is under permanent renovation or overhaul year round as you will soon learn, it has never been nor will it ever be completed. So please bookmark the site, you never know what the next new piece to the puzzle will be, but as always, there is  something new on the 9-1-1 just about anytime you visit..

For your information the 9-1-1 site now comes to you from California's Central (San Joaquin) Valley in
Hughson California to be exact.

December 2001 became the month that the 9-1-1 unveiled it's own domain name,
www.the911site.com. With www.the911site.com hosted on a server in North Carolina. We had been hosted on the old HotCity.com server until that time.

Time to maintain the 9-1-1 it is split between three sites: Rocknrod.com, Hughson-ca.Com and the 9-1-1 site. All are rather large sites and take a lot of time to maintain, so please be patient as sections of the 9-1-1 are updated as time passes. If you would like to visit any of the other sites noted above, use the links that follow:

Rock 'N Rod Nites           PajaroValley.Com          Hughson-ca.Com

The 9-1-1 site is not sanctioned by any department or agency. Simplest way to explain it is this, the 9-1-1 was begun back in 1995 when there was a missing piece to the web. At that time the Emergency Services were just learning about the web, and links to most of the sites that were online at the time, could be found in the much smaller version of the 9-1-1 site at the time. As time has passed, the 9-1-1 has changed, updated, rebuilt, been a founding site at what was then FireFighting.Com & Associates, and was a part of the Emergency-World.Com & Associates till a server failure forced the Emergency-World.com site to go offline permanently. It has had to be on the back burner a number of times as other projects were implemented, or sites brought online, but always seems to plug onward.

The most ambitious change is the one started September 2009 and continues on at this time. The rebuild of the entire site, no small undertaking now that the 9-1-1 goes over the 375+ web section mark. My wife has now joined me so that we can do a lot more work on the site in less time.

Remember one thing, the 9-1-1 is your (the visitors) site, please take a moment to let us know what is missing, needs improvement, doesn't work or needs a simple wash job. Hey, will even take a kind word or to, but please let us know how we can be of even better help to you the user of the 9-1-1 Fire Police Medical Web.


Dennis and Carol Espindola
Web Site Administrator

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